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Learn how to exponentially increase your income by becoming
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Start or (amplify) your speaking career in two short days.

I know what it’s like to have all of the credentials and experience but not the income to show for it. You’ve done all of the “right” things and yet your funds aren’t reflecting all of the hard work and time you’ve put into your career.

I used to wonder if I was doing something wrong. Then I discovered the speaking circuit and my life changed drastically. Of course, I fumbled and made mistakes in the beginning because I had to figure things out on my own, but through a ton of trial and error, I began to pull in major numbers that changed me and my family’s life.

So, I’m opening my vault to you.

I’m sharing

You don’t have to fumble and make money-costing errors in your process. You’re going to learn how to seal the deals for maximum impact and income every time.

“If you have not attended her course then you need to get in here…she will show you how to get to get money.”

You don’t have a plan…

I became a telemarketer when I was 17. I wanted to buy all the clothes and shoes and thought, “how hard can it be?” If you’re reading this you’re probably laughing because we all know that being a telemarketer is no walk in the park.

I got my feelings hurt on the daily by people who cursed me out and told me not to call them anymore. Before I could let people off the phone, I would have to go through a series of rubbuttals, I hated it.

After two years of working as a telemarketer I learned something invaluable. I learned that it’s a numbers game. I only had to make a certain amount of calls to hit my quota and that changed the game for me. If I called enough people, eventually someone would say yes. Over time, I became a master pitcher. There’s nothing special Read More..

Our World Class Speakers are going to teach you:

  •  How to gain real profit from your course
  • 5 ways to achieve a successful sponsorship
  • How to brand like a big boss
  • The secret to hosting a live profitable event
  • How to craft the perfect media pitch
  • Lessons you can learn from faith and business
  • The Blueprint for back-end sales
  • How to Create Revenue from your book

Yes, it’s time to register for the 2021 Couch to Podium Conference!

Dates: NOVEMBER 5th-6th

Location: Atlanta, GA, Kimpton Overland Hotel

Register today!

Spaces are limited


$497 – Until October 11th (save $100 – price increase to $597)

  •  Access to Main Stage & Breakout Sessions
  • Digital Conference Planner and Journal
  • Swag Bag
  • Conference Recordings


$797 – Until October 11th

(save $100 – price increase to $897)

  • Exclusive Swag Bag
  • Private 1 on 1 Consultation with Dr Louis
  • Exclusive VIP session with my Get Found online Expert Dr. Louis
  • VIP Expert training on Creating your own 6 Figure Virtual Event

Virtual Admission $197

Covid 19 Announcement

Have you been invited to join us in the studio? We can’t wait to see you and want you to know that our goal is to create an unforgettable and transformational experience where your faith and business grow by leaps and bounds. Our #1 priority is keeping everyone safe during this Covid-19 / Delta Variant “season”. To ensure everyone’s continued safety, we will be adhering to the following guidelines and precautions while in the venue:

Please feel free to visit for continuous updates on how to stay safe. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to keep everyone prayerfully as safe as possible.

  • Facial masks must be worn at all times regardless of vaccination status. We will have disposable masks on hand.
  • We will have extra space in the live studio to create distance in between each seat.
  • Individual hand sanitizers will be made available for everyone’s use.
  • Food will not be served in the venue. Individual water bottles will be provided.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to implement everything she taught me.”


Hosted by Dr. Laura Louis,

Dr. Laura Louis has has over 10 years of experience in helping distant couples heal after infidelity by building trust, cultivating intimacy, and enhancing communication.Her therapeutic approach has been influenced through worldwide training in Brazil, Mexico, London, and Haiti. Dr. Louis has conducted hundreds of seminars transforming relationships all over the world.She is affectionately called the Marriage Architect. Her book, Marital Peace, is a valuable resource intended to support couples through the challenges of marriage.She graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Counseling, completed an American Psychology Association (APA) accredited internship at Florida International University in Miami Florida. She earned her Ph.D. from Howard University’s APA accredited Counseling Psychology Program in Washington, D.C. She has spent several years teaching at the college level
The Couch to Podium Conference will be a game-changer for all attendees. Dr. Louis and the field-leading experts she has booked for the event are ready and eager to help you grow and thrive as a paid speaker.

Go from little known voice to a recognized expert

You are going to walk away from this conference completely equipped to have the speaking career of your dreams. You will be set to accept as many opportunities as you want, both virtual and in-in person alike!

You will learn how to:

  •  Get booked to speak and close the deal
  • Increase media exposure and use it to your benefit
  • Establish and grow your credibility as an acclaimed speaker
  • Assemble a team for your speaking business and developing a marketing plan for receiving booking offers.
  • And more.

“If you’re looking for a coach to help [you] negotiate higher speaking fees then Dr. Louis is the expert you want…”

Your financial freedom is in your content.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best writer, thank goodness for my team, but my books pull in numbers!

I don’t care if you’re not a writer (like me) a book can change not just your life but the lives of people who read it.

I remember when my father suggested that I write a book, I scoffed because I’m the person who almost lost an internship because my report writing was so terrible. One day, I decided to go ahead and write my book (after a lot of pushing from my father). Writing the book was a huge labor of love but it was worth it!

One day a woman emailed me wanted to buy a bulk order of my book for her therapy practice. I was FLOORED! Apparently she’d purchased my book after one of my conferences and it gave her renewed hope for her own marriage and she wanted to share it with her clients. Read More..

The truth is that you’re burned out

The pandemic has tired our service professionals out. Counselors, coaches, and healers have been booked solid with clients because the world needs us. While it’s great to be able to service the world, who is giving back to you?

The Couch 2 Podium Conference is here to support you in creating a sustainable income. You’re going to be shown how to package your expertise in a way that doesn’t wreak havoc on your nervous system and allows you to get some much-needed rest.

You don’t have to work harder, but you do have to work more methodically. You’re going to get the structure you need in order to bring ease and flow into your life.

You need a community

Trying to take this journey on your own can be incredibly lonely and I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to give up on your dreams when you aren’t surrounded by a supportive community. My time in Howard University’s Ph.D. program taught me that I’m only as strong as my circle. There were times where I was frustrated and wanted ot give up, but they didn’t let me. There were times where I didn’t allow them to give up.

I’ve carried this with me throughout my journey and I know it’s imperative that I have a strong circle of people around me at all times. This is what the Couch to Podium Conference is all about. Read More..

You can choose to navigate this alone or get the help and community you need to have a wildly successful speaking career.

“Do not miss her next event!”

Meet Our Expert Speakers…

Danita A. Scott is a leadership trainer, professional speaker, and an online course creator. She specializes in helping to empower faith-based and purpose-driven leaders who are tried of the hype and ready to take action on their ideas by monetizing their expertise through her highly successful course, Launch Your Online Course Read More..

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